#SMPWedding101 – Assembling Your Wedding Dream Team
July 17, 2015
When it comes to planning your Big Day there are plenty of decisions to make along the way, but some of the most important? Selecting a team of talented vendors who will make your Bridal dreams into a gorgeous reality. From florals to final decisions, it can get all be a little overwhelming, but we've got tips from Janelle On Location on what to keep in mind when assembling your dream team below!

Get the MOST out of ALL of your vendors

At a bride's trial run we were discussing hair accessory options. Because I work closely with the Bridal Shop she got her dress from, we were able to schedule a time for both the bride and I to meet the Boutique owner at the Bridal Shop. The bride put on her dress, I did a replica of the hairstyle she chose, and we had tons of accessories and clips to play around with! She ended up with the perfect clips to match her dress and hairstyle. An extra "above and beyond" service neither the Bridal Shop owner nor I could've given her own our own, but one that we were so happy to to be able to do together!

A Smoother Day

Because taking as much off of the bride’s planning plate is always a customer service goal of mine, I absolutely love it when I’m able to be in touch directly with the photographer, gown designer, venue, etc. about details for the day. Is there natural lighting in the room we’re doing hair and makeup? What time does the photographer need my team and I to be done with hair and makeup by? And it is so much fun when a photographer I work closely with learns my team and I are doing hair and makeup, so they alter and adjust the “time to be ready by”because they know and trust that we’ll ACTUALLY be done when we say we will (a quality apparently not all cosmetologists possess.) This cuts back on every vendor adding “cushion room” with lots of unneeded down time.

Higher Chances of being Published

Vendors only have favorite vendors when they appeal to the same type of brides, a similar taste, style, look and even branding. We only recommend people who we think are actually the best. These are the vendors we would hire for our wedding. So when we all come together as a “Dream Team”...we get even more excited about the finished product! We know every single aspect of your wedding is the best that it could possibly be. All of our work shines even brighter as we cohesively work together, and it prompts us to want to share your wedding with the world!


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