Lush Country Club Wedding in Green Bay
July 15, 2015
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Get ready for some serious wedding envy, because this chic country club fête captured by The Ganeys is next level good. Overflowing with lush florals from Buds 'n Bloom and styled to perfection by Sash And Bow this gallery of images makes me want to squeal with delight. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding, gorgeous gallery.
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From Emily Katharine...Words can’t express how perfect this wedding day was. I will admit, I was nervous for this one. I get nervous before every wedding, but for this wedding, I was a lot more nervous than usual. Part of it was the traveling and flight. Part of it was a new camera. Part of it was never having seen the venue before. Part of it was the ominous weather. And a big part of it was that this was one of my closest friend’s weddings.

We arrived at Kimberly’s parent’s home in the morning, and the first thing I noticed was how lush Wisconsin was. Everything seemed so alive and so green! It was so stunning! We watched the girls get their hair and makeup done. I loved how Kimberly wore a pair of mismatched plaid pajamas. She’s so down to earth. Her hair was curled and tousled. All of her bridesmaids (three of which were here sisters) had put on their taupe wrap dresses and helped Kimberly into her gorgeous lace dress.

Just ten minutes before the ceremony started, we hopped onto the bus and made our way to Holy Cross Parish. The service was filled with beautiful music and thoughtful remarks. One thing I wasn’t expecting was how much laughter there was! Father Marcos came all the way from Andres’s home state of New Mexico to deliver the service.

After the ceremony, the wedding group headed to Green Bay Country Club for the reception. The group let us borrow a zillion golf carts and the wedding party had a blast riding around on the course. Everything was lush. Everything was green. It was so organic and natural – I had to pinch myself!

We got back to the club house in time for cocktail hour. Guests were sipping on lavender cocktails and placing their thumbprints on Kimberly and Andres’s guest book.

As the guests made their way to the tent for dinner, I could hear the gasps. The reception was stunning. Three chandeliers hung from the tent – the center one emitting a warm glow from mason jars. The tables were lined with wine bottles and loose flowers. White rustic chairs welcomed guests to sit down at their place. To top it off, the tent smelled divine. I’ve never had a bride that focused so much on scents – the rosemary, the lavender, and the sweet sugar from the cupcake table. My heart was so full.

Dinner was delicious. The toasts were short and sweet (referencing Kimberly’s Disney Princess hair and Andres’s Crest smile – so true!). And all eyes moved to the dance floor for Andres and Kimberly’s first dance to ‘500 Miles.’

The rest of the night was a blur, between dances, toasts, cutting the cake (with a knife that snapped), polka dances, and laughter. Towards the end of the night, Kimberly and Andres played the “shoe game.” The DJ called out questions, such as “Who was the first to say ‘I love you'” or “Who is the better cook” and Kimberly and Andres would lift the corresponding shoe to represent their answer. I’ll just say that it was hilarious to watch them squirm, and the crowd go wild at the responses!

It was such a perfect day filled with romantic details and sweet moments cherished by all.