Authentic Colorful Cuban Wedding Inspiration
July 14, 2015
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Here at SMP we get pretty excited when fresh ideas come across our desks so when The Venue Report sent over images by Jose Villa and Joel Serrato from their recent Cuban inspired shoot, well, let's just say the rest of our day wasn't all that productive. Taking their cue from the romance of Cuban culture, The Venue Report created a celebratory scene that I'm aching to jump right into. From Found Vintage Rentals' colorful pieces and the most fabulous outfits - courtesy of Grey Likes Weddings' styling talents - these pics are basically our summer wedding daydreams come to life.
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From The Venue Report... We produced a shoot inspired by Cuba right before the travel laws shifted! Photographers Jose Villa and Joel Serrato had been a few times and it topped our list of places we also wanted to visit. Going to Cuba you feel as if you have stepped back into a bygone era. The cars parked on the streets are still from the 1950's.

With the recent travel laws changing we are sure we will see even more gatherings and homes inspired by the Cuban culture as it opens its doors for tourists to visit.

It was incredibly hard finding interior design inspiration from Cuba so we became instead inspired by the romantic touches of Cuba. Its colors, its food, its cocktails, cigars, cars, the Cuban cement tiles and the colorful macaws in the archipelago of Cuba.

We produced this gathering at the historic Lombardi House in a palette of mint, spring greens, mustard, poppy red. It's a fresh palette and combination that you will find across Cuba in the homes, tiles, kitchens and cafes. Guests were served handcrafted mojitos.

One of our favorite design elements of Cuba is the Cuban cement tiles. We recreated these into cut wood tile placemats at each setting, adorned by tropical bird plates, hand calligraphed place cards and mojitos with raw sugar sticks.
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