Romantic Garden Wedding Inspiration Among the Trees
July 13, 2015
Imagine a secret garden in the middle of an enchanted forest. The wedding inspiration below takes place there—in that magical clearing with tall trees and the most beautiful flowers you've ever laid eyes on thanks to Fionna Floral. Add to that a gorgeous painted cake from Just Cake, whimsical invitations and photos from Monika Greenaway and you're left with an absolute wedding wonderland planned by Simply by Bethaina. Admire it all here.
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From Simply By BethainaHaving worked on a few events together earlier this year, Monika and I knew we wanted to collaborate on a shoot together. We wanted a shoot that both reflected and complimented the beauty and intensity of the bride and groom’s love. It was amazing working with such a plethora of talent and watching our vision unfold in the presence of such true love...

“Less is more” is a phrase often lost or buried in the frenzy of wedding planning. Being one of the most momentous moments in a couple’s life, it is easy to be swept up, and go overboard in the preparation. For this shoot, Monika and I sought to create a magical, romantic and whimsical feel that would compliment rather than out shadow the bride and groom. Sharing an appreciation for the unquestionable elegance of tailored simplicity, we wanted this to reflect in every facet of the day, from the location to the selection of the very last petal.

Taking advantage of the iconic California landscape we selected a non-venue location for the photo-shoot. Pebble Beach was the perfect location, both refreshing and beautiful. Amongst the moss covered trees and rocky coastal backdrop- it spearheaded the exact magical and whimsical theme we were going for. Furthermore, we wanted to work in a space that wouldn’t confine the imaginations of future brides and had a vast potential of creative possibilities.

Continuing to explore an imaginative path for the shoot, I knew I wanted an untraditional dress for the bride. That is where I fell in love with the fairy loren cape from Odyline. Working closely with Sarah, from Fionna Floral, the Bride’s look was complete with the addition of a delicate floral crown, accomplishing a romantic and dreamlike look. We wanted the bride’s bouquet(s) to be classic, however less understated, and went with two beautiful different looks. One English clutch bouquet of ivory, pinks and green tones to match the table theme and one oversize ombre, with more of the plum tones for a dramatic affect.

Sarah, from Fionna Floral, also supplied the lush blooms for the two tablescapes, crafting bountiful pink, white, green, and plum arrangements, hues that define the fall and summer months. Draping down the tables on both sides, both the garlands as well as the floating blooms of roses, ranunculus, dahlias and peonies, were illuminated by soft candlelight. Candles and lanterns of different heights and sizes accentuated the uniqueness and rustic romance we envisioned for the shoot. We really wanted to maintain the simplistic elegance of the natural elements, and left the wooden table mostly exposed- dressed with a simple pearl silk runner, blooms, candles. Carrying accents of gold and some details of watercolor, the menu cards, flatware and glassware, carried in accents of gold, pink and coral tones tied the tablescape beautifully with the surrounding forest.

The wedding cake also brought a splash of gold to the shoot and reflected the romantic and magical theme of the day. Inspired by a watercolor leitmotif the two bottom layers of the cake matched perfectly with the floral arrangements, with delicately painted pink peonies. The top layer of the cake was solid gold- crowned with a real blooming peony.

Following a natural inspiration, the Bride’s hair and makeup were both simple and sweet, emphasizing her beauty and glow, as well as her stunning gown. Easily inspired by both the couple and the dramatic landscape- it was a truly magical and fun experience shooting the garden wedding among the trees. All together, we wanted to create something simple, elegant, unique and intimate. After all, sometimes less is more.