Intimate Mountain-Top Elopement
July 7, 2015
Mid Atlantic
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A good elopement gives me chills. They just scream romance to me. Two people running off to say I do? It's just dreamy. So when they bring along the likes of Josh Gooden to capture the perfection on film, I get all sorts of excited. This beauty of an elopement at Broadhead Mountain Retreat will surely make you smile, and you can see even more of their oh-so-special day from Anna Reynal here
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From The Bride...I didn't always think that I would want to elope. It was something that I realized a couple of years ago, but before then I imagined I would do a traditional wedding with guests, tons of flowers (give me ALL the flowers), favors, dinner, brunch, bachelorettes and the whole nine yards. With Trevor and I both working in design and at times, a tad particular about aesthetics, it became clear at some point that it would be far too easy to get off track while planning a traditional wedding. It was really important that our wedding day be about the marriage and not about the place settings or the furniture rentals. Not that it's wrong to be excited about those things. It is exciting! I'll be the first one to say that I love a good wedding. We just decided that simple would be best for us. The moment anything became too stressful in our planning, it pretty much went out the window. I ordered my dress online for next to nothing and opted to do my own hair and makeup so that Trevor and I could just hang out together all day and keep things low-key. Eloping also allowed us to purchase a home right away, which is something that we ultimately decided was our first priority. Beginning with the end in mind and recognizing what would bring us long-term happiness was key in making this decision. Luckily, our families were incredibly supportive of our decision. We couldn't have done it without them!

A lot of people have asked why we chose Charlottesville. We entertained lots of ideas for the location of the ceremony but we were both really happy with where we ended up. Charlottesville is an easy, three hour drive from our home in Baltimore, so it was just far enough away to feel like we were getting out of town, but close enough that we can go back and visit for anniversaries or just when the mood strikes us! The day was exactly what we hoped it would be, and we are so grateful to have these amazing memories to reflect on for years to come.