Romantic Beachside Bali Wedding
July 3, 2015
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A beachside wedding in Bali; it doesn't get more romantic than this right here. But when the affair is overflowing with florals from Jonquilla Decor & Florist it surpasses expectations even more. Venema Pictures captured it all, from start to finish, and this gallery is what dreams are made of m'dears.

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From Jonquilla Decor & Florist... Kartika and Stefan have the most supporting family that helped with the wedding planning since they are occupied with work and travel. We met through a previous client's recommendation and when we met, we went through all details she liked and she didn't like; we like when brides tell us their expected style, it helps us understand easier and faster! They chose pink and a little fuchsia for their theme color. A play with bronze makes the color pops and you can't go wrong with a wedding with the beach as the background. Gold tiffany chairs helped to bring out the elegance of the affair and the tulips created an effortless look. 

From the Bride... I guess the most beautiful things happened when you least expected it. We met in 2005 when studying at Studienkolleg and I happened to take a fancy on Stefan and innocently decided to tell a friend. Accidentally, that particular friend passed on the news to Stefan and he came to me to express his mutual liking on me. Turned out, he had all these feelings for me but was just waiting for the right time to make a move.

We were dating long distance for seven years, between Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and finally Singapore and Jakarta for education and work placement. Even when we began dating, we were already a distanced apart, nevertheless, it was worth a try and we continued to have faith in it. A lot of friends asked what made this relationship work, despite only going out for real dates whenever we could, every two months or so. Without God's grace and His love, we could not do it. Throughout our relationship, we maintained an honest and open communication, trust and keep on having fun with each other.

Stefan is always romantic in his own way and in the most unpredictable manner. Talk about us getting married did not come out of a sudden. After dating for several years, we both knew that we wanted to enjoy each others' companion and grow old together. But just like any other couple, we had to prepare A-Z to be ready for a legal and eternal commitment. One day after a couple's church retreat, at the last session of it, our mentor gave an instruction for us to write a love letter. When he handed out the letter to me, Stefan's love letter was a marriage proposal. He was down on his knees and asked me to marry him.

The next big thing after he popped the question was for both our parents to meet. We grew up close with our families and we wanted them to be friendly and treat each other as part of the bigger whole family. For the wedding, we chose Bali, the most romantic island for a destination wedding to have an intimate celebration. We wanted it to be celebrated with people who matter to us. We chose the long table-set up rather than the round table to make it more intimate.

My mother-in-law helped with most of the wedding and I am beyond blessed to have her as a new family member. She is caring, generous and throughout the wedding planning I felt I got to know her more and I begin to love her as my own mother. The wedding planning came easy as we met vendors who were experienced, resourceful and reliable.

Everything that happened during our wedding etched a beautiful memory. My bridesmaid made a wonderful speech during the wedding and she advised how Stefan should be aware of some qualities of me. Just like most brides, I was nervous minutes before the ceremony, and with some cheers from my bridesmaid, I felt confident minutes before walking down the aisle.

We were shy to have our first dance and be the center of attention. So instead of a first dance, we danced together with the guests and threw the bouquet after a song. It was a simple and beautiful night for us. We felt the warmth and love from our friends and family members who simply made the effort to attend and celebrate it with us.