Organic French Bridal Inspiration
June 29, 2015
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Some of my favorite captures during a wedding day are the quiet, calming (yet filled with anticipation) getting ready moments. They radiate that sweet wedding glow and the excitement of a full day of love to come. This shoot from Sarah Carpenter and Meggie Francisco defines that emotion—from the color dotted blooms by Bricolage Curated Florals to the Sarah Janks wedding dress. See it all here.
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From stylist Meggie Francisco... This shoot tells the story of a bride day-dreaming of her Parisian wedding from the comfort of her home town. Cozy in her favorite grey tee, she tries on her veil and waits for winter to pass.

Suddenly but slowly, she opens her eyes between naps. She finds herself enveloped by a hazy warmth as the colors begin to dance alive from the gray and everlasting cold, yet she still feels disbelief: Is this real? Is that time finally here? A half-smile comes to her lips as she feels the sun warm her bones. She breathes in the scent of fresh blossoms and relishes the feeling of her delicate dress resting – finally - on her shoulders.

This style session draws on inspiration from the buttery tones at the Palace of Versailles: warm yellow and cream colors, complemented by subdued blues for contrast. After the icy winter and rainy spring, it’s time for peaches and pastels to come to life. The concept celebrates the joy and sophistication of summer with just a touch of European elegance.