Romantic Black Tie Engagement Session at Sunstone Winery
June 26, 2015
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This engagement shoot is just too good; I can't help but wonder how absolutely amazing the wedding will be. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, because these snapshots deserve plenty of love all on their own. Trini Mai captured the romance between these cuties and this gallery has too many Pinterest pics to keep count (the dress! the bouquet!). Prepare to have your breath taken away right this way!
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From the Bride-to-be... Trieu and I are both volunteer youth group leaders and we met in February 2005 at a leadership training camp. That summer we hung out often with a big group of mutual friends but I had no idea he was “into” me. Given that he was a very shy person, I was shocked when he called me a few months later and asked for a one-on-one date. Now, almost a decade later (oh boy!), we’re engaged and absolutely cannot wait to be husband and wife.

Although we’ve been together for a while, the proposal came as a surprise as there were no signs of it happening just yet. Towards the end of December, Trieu asked me to go with him to watch his niece’s Christmas photoshoot where Trini was also the photographer. As they were wrapping up the shoot, Trini asked us to get in for a family photo and while she was clicking away, Trieu got down on one knee and proposed. He was shaking like a leaf so I had to put him out of his misery with a quick “YES!!!” ;)

Since we love nature and stunning landscapes, we chose Malibu and Sunstone Winery as the backdrops for our engagement. While searching for what to wear, I fell in love with this Marchesa dress at first sight and just had to have it. Initially I didn’t expect much from the photoshoot because it was our first time being photographed - we had no idea what we were doing! On top of that, we had very limited daylight since it kept raining on and off and we literally waited out the rain sitting in our car. But boy Trini sure delivered! She walked us through the whole process with ease and the pictures turned out perfect. We are so happy with our engagement photos and look forward to saying “I do” later this year.