SMP Editor's Father/Daughter Dance Songs
June 21, 2015
My favorite part of any wedding is by far the Father/Daughter dance. The moment the music starts to play, I quickly become a little girl again picturing what that moment will feel like to me, often resulting in a few tears. In honor of Father's Day, we asked our lovely SMP editors to share their Father/Daughter dance song with all of you and a little story from that special moment. Check it out below!

Abby Larson:

My Father / Daughter dance was one of the sweetest, most memorable moments from my wedding. When I was little, and I was upset or scared or hurt, my mom would play the piano for me. And one of her favorite songs to play was the theme song from the movie Ice Castles. I am one of three girls and for each of my older sister's weddings, my dad chose the song as a little surprise. When it came time for our Father/Daughter dance, he surprised me by playing the theme from iced castles "Through The Eyes of Love"...which brought back a flood of memories from my childhood and I cried like a baby!

For my sister, Heather, my dad had the lyrics of the old Irish ballad "Will Ye Go Lassie Go (Among the Blooming Heathers)" printed and placed on everyone's table and as a surprise, the entire room - all 200 people - began singing as they danced. It was one of the most beautiful moments I think I've ever been a part of.

Melissa Bilodeau:

In just a couple weeks my Dad will be walking me down the aisle! Choosing our Father/Daughter dance song was tough. We wanted something that represented our love for rock, but still kind of sweet and appropriate. So we chose Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl"! I can't wait to do a couple twirls and have a great time with him on the dance floor.

Abby Capalbo:

Music has always played such a huge role in our family. Growing up, my Dad played all of our lullabies on his guitar, and no family function was complete without a sing-a-long. My Dad even sang and played my husband's and my first dance song (still one of my favorite memories of all time, by the way). When it came to what we should dance to, I let my dear ol' Dad choose the song he thought would be the best fit for us.  He picked Cat Steven's "If You Want to Sing Out", and now when I listen to it, I can't help but tear up. I love the message behind the song, it's almost like the song was written for the two of us.

Michelle Hoover:

On my wedding day (on Monday!) my Dad and I are dancing to a string quartet version of "Don't Stop Believin" by JOURNEY. An unlikely pick to some, but this classic tune is one is one that he and I would jam out to on the radio when I was younger.

Jess Blazejewski:

My dad has always been a sentimental guy who loves to tell my sisters and I how happy he was when we came into the world, so I wasn't totally surprised when he told me he chose "What a Wonderful World" for us to dance to. It felt like the perfect mix of sweet nostalgia and celebration, just exactly how we were feeling that day!

Erin Lepperd:

Whenever my Dad hears "Brown Eyed Girl" he starts to dance a little jig. Growing up, he would always pull one of his girls out on the dance floor when that song came on. So it was a complete no brainer what we would be 'boogying' to when it came time for our father/ daughter dance. Van Morrison will forever remind me of my fancy footed dad.

Dawn Strong:

My hubby and I eloped one very random and very hot July day, so a seriously sweet phone call with my dad replaced any sure-to-have-been-epic father-daughter dance off. Instead, when it comes to musical memories with the man I owe everything to, I always think back to our shared love of Fleetwood Mac and the song "Songbird," a tune that never fails to remind me of my pops, and one that I happily lip synced in an elementary talent show... just for him, of course. :)

Katie Foster:

We danced to James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend".  I chose it because we both love his music and it was a record that was always playing around our house growing up.  I wanted something on the slow side, but not overly sappy.  Although, It still managed to make everyone cry...including my Dad.

Libby Pearn:

We danced to Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight.” The lyrics say it all: “Someday when I'm awfully low, when the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight.” I’ll never forget my dad seeing me for the first time in my wedding dress. It was one of the very best (and emotional) moments of my life. I'll always smile when thinking back to this moment.

Want to hear all of these songs!?! We've got the perfect Spotify playlist full of our editors memorable Father/Daughter dance songs.