Rustic Romance Wedding Inspiration
June 10, 2015
Spring Weddings
A gorgeous field at dusk, complete with a romantic picnic, handsome groom by your side... can we just run away and escape to this fantasy pretty please? Sawyer Baird captured this rustic wonderland full of Forage and Fleur's lush blooms and captivating calligraphy from the talented Jenny Sanders. With this gallery in front of me, there isn't much hope for a productive rest of the day and I'm a-ok with that.
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From Sawyer Baird... This shoot all began when I was contacted to create and teach a fellow photographer for a 1:1 Workshop with myself... I was beyond honored and couldn't wait to get to work!

With this began the thoughts of creating with purpose, creating with a story in mind, and creating with real, pure, and amazing love. In this shoot you see real love notes, combined with a real couple... and I wouldn't have it any other way. This shoot describes the couple so well, from the simple picnic to the mountain side, and the amazing details. It really couldn't have been better.