How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day (and Night!)
June 9, 2015
As we venture into June, now's the time to not just think about Bridal Beauty, but how to make it work for you -- and in the summer heat! We talked to SMP-fave and Little Black Book member, Stacie Ford and got the scoop on how to make your Big Day makeup last through the reception, and beyond. Read on for a list of her top ten tips, and a slideshow of her must-have long-lasting products!

1) On the rocks with a twist please

To keep your makeup on longer for the big day, take a few pieces of ice cubes and rub all over the face for 30 seconds and then lightly towel dry before makeup. This will help to close the pores and keep your makeup on much longer during those hot summer months!

2) Lip 'n' lock

To make your lipstick last all day & night , apply a translucent powder on your lips with a brush after you line your entire lip and blot. Then apply your favorite lip color onto the lip, blot again and re-apply the translucent powder lightly on top for day staying power.

3) I get so emotional

For extra waterproofing lashes, try using a separate waterproof gel on top of regular mascara. It seals the lashes separately and creates an ultra waterproof barrier for any tear eyes bride

4) For the long run

Opt for using an oil free primer to prep your big day makeup instead of one with oil. Oil free primers will keep your makeup looking true for hours. They also create a semi-matte finish for long wearing makeup durability.

5) Cry me a river

If you feel like you may start to cry, use a non-Latex sponge to catch and absorb tears by gently pressing and releasing on the skin instead if using facial tissue. This will help not to disturb your makeup or irritate your skin.

6) Blushing Bride

A good way to keep cheek color on all day is to apply your creme blush on before foundation. This creates a "lit from within glow" that lasts and looks both natural and radiant.

7) Till makeup doesn't part

Instead of using  a typical powder to set your makeup that can sometimes look chalky or cakey, try using a clear  colorless pressed gel to set your makeup instead. This type of product will set and keep your makeup on all day and even lessen the look of pores and lines for a flawless finish.

8) Stay the day

Use a cream eyeshadow stick instead of typical eyeshadow powders on the lids. Most shadow sticks are long wearing ,crease-resistant colors that  will stay in place much longer than regular shadows because they absorb oil and don't move once applied.

9) All eyes on you

A good way to keep your eyeliner from smudging and last on the big day is to tightline from underneath the top lid instead of on top. Use a waterproof gel pen that glides on easy to tightline in between each lash to create depth.

10) Welcome to flawless

Consider using airbrush foundation on the big day vs regular foundation. This foundation if dispensed  through an air compressor that deliverers a feather light feel on the skin thats tear, sweat, heat and humidity proof. Perfect for any Bride-to-Be!

Ready to get started?

Click through the slideshow below to see Stacie Ford's top five favorite picks for ultra-long lasting products that will ensure your flawless face stays that way through the ceremony, reception, and beyond!

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Makeup Artist: Stacie Ford

Concept, Planning, and Styling: Reveriemade