Rustic Outdoor Autumn Wedding in Wisconsin
June 8, 2015
Al FrescoRusticPark
I'm not much of a gambler, but after reading this couple's daring decision of planning an outdoor October ceremony in Wisconsin without a weather plan B, well it got me a little anxious. That is, until I saw the stunning outcome captured by Audre Rae. Graced with gorgeous Daffodil Parker blooms, Canvas Weddings details and gown that demands a second look, you can see it all unfold here!
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From Canvas Weddings... Melanie and Dan’s wedding was, from a planner’s perspective, kind of a gamble. They planned their event to be completely outdoors, without any back up shelter plans, in October….in Wisconsin. Their wedding day was chilly, and early in the day there were even hints of snow and rain, but boy --- their gambling paid off BIG time --- this day was one of the highlights of my wedding season.

Melanie and Dan’s wedding was pure laid-back, outdoorsy sophistication. Both Melanie and Dan’s dogs played prominent roles in the ceremony (one with a bowtie and the other in a floral collar!), guests dined on pizza prepared onsite in a traveling brick oven, their gorgeous harvest tables were draped in decadent greenery garlands, soft café lighting lit the park, the couple shared a champagne toast with their guests during the ceremony, and Melanie carried the most beautiful, wild bouquet I’ve ever seen. All of these elements combined to create a wedding environment that was cozy, warm and oh-so-very-beautiful.

I love when a couple’s wedding feels like an extension of who they are --- and this wedding was that, to a tee. Melanie and Dan seemed so at home and so in love on this perfect autumnal, outdoorsy wedding day. I wish with all my heart that all of my couples would create their wedding days this way --- creating a space and time where they can be their most true, most happy selves.

From the beautiful Bride... This day did not come easily. All the planning was done from over a state away, while we were in the midst of job searching, applying to grad schools, facilitating a cross-country move, starting new jobs and going back to school. Overall, it was quite a struggle. Then, on the morning of, I woke up and saw that it was snowing. Knowing that we had only planned for an outdoor ceremony and reception (to hell with back up plans, right?), I couldn’t help but laugh. With that laughter, all of the anxiety and stress just washed away, replaced with a sense of calmness and readiness.

Our florist (Daffodil Parker) actually helped me articulate my vision. During one of our first consultations as I stumbled over my words trying to articulate what I was envisioning, Monica assuredly said, “I totally get it. It’s this moody, pacific northwest midsummer night’s dream. I’m so excited for this wedding.” And with that, I, and the rest of my lovely vendors, threw ourselves into a wedding that was a mad concoction of lush and lavish greenery, mouthwatering food, liquor over-flowing the cup, romantic lighting, not-so-mainstream music on the dancefloor and, most of all, lots of laughter and love. It was a wedding that completely embodied Dan and I.

My favorite moment was kind of a large one: our ceremony. From seeing Dan standing at the end of the aisle, to hearing my Grandma say a blessing for us, from my brother, our officiant, telling me to “top that” after Dan read his vows to me (which I did!), to our impromptu game of rock paper scissors because we forgot who was supposed to go first in exchanging the rings and the champagne toast that concluded the ceremony --- it was just everything it’s not supposed to be, but absolutely perfect.

Honestly, there is not a moment that goes by where I don’t wish I could go back and just relive this magical day. There is something to be said about being surrounded by all your loved ones and committing yourself to one of your best friends (even if it is a brisk 35 degrees!). Of course, it cannot go unsaid that this day was such a success due to the wonderfully talented vendors.