Romantic Outdoor Tea Party Bridal Inspiration
June 4, 2015
RomanticVintageWeddings in Historical Venues
I don't know about you, but I want to crawl through my screen to live in this inspiration. Because when Aamie Gillam Photography incorporates all your favorite things (I'm talking fluffy bunnies and cupcakes) it's only a matter of time before I move in. One look at the gorgeous gallery and you'll see just what I mean, more here!
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From Aaime Gillam Photography... A vintage inspired tea party accentuating custom décor, paper products and real floral arrangements. These were topped off with some tasty baked goods from a local bake shoppe.

This photo shoot took place in a historic building that was originally constructed in 1914 by the Marconi Telegraph Co. during World War I as the top secret H.M. Wireless Station for the British Royal Navy. This station, now the last standing of 13 around the world, was built to intercept secret German naval transmissions, track icebergs and ships in distress. Located on these grounds a beautiful display of trees and shrubs and a flowered covered archway that blossoms differently each season as it creates one amazing scene after another. A hot spot location for wedding photos however this day it was all quiet. One big private set to do as we please and create some amazing photos to display. Inspired by rustic wedding themes, this bridal collection showcased local talent and vendors servicing the wedding scene in Newfoundland.

Weather always plays a role in capturing any wedding in Newfoundland. The sudden changes in conditions outside make it tough to create the perfect outdoor wedding photo opportunities. Most of the time photographers are scrambling to find their back up indoor locations so the shoots can go on as planned. The weather wasn't great this day, however we managed to get almost a full day behind the lens before the rain started. It was a quick tear down once the photos were captured!

The shoot consisted of three photography sets, three stunning brides and a sharp dressed groom. Two of the brides being actual Aamie Gillam Photography past brides that year.

The concept of the 3 sets were inspired by a wedding day starting with capturing the brides in their pre wedding awe.

Set 1 - Viewing themselves in the mirror, brushing their hair and making sure the dress is perfectly placed, the brides spend time in their fantasy room. This is to create the bedroom feel where a bride can collect her thoughts and feel the positive energy from her best friend in the next room that soon will become her life long shinning armour.

Set 2 - The Wedding. A beautifully constructed archway hugged with bright green ivy was the perfect scene to capture beautiful ceremony looking moments. Tastefully decorated and beautifully designed this set was a pleasure to shoot. The vines gave a perforated effect to the natural light through the archway as it delightfully caressed the curves of each bride.

Set 3 - The Tea Party Reception. This set was the key to the whole shoot. The final set would be the grand finale. The sweet display on grandmas gathered china and furry friends would make for an epic finish. One thing, a slight rain shower had started.

Time was short so we had to improvise and get everything the first time. The pressure was on but we knew we would get it done. The added vinery to the gazebo ceiling made for elegant lighting that helped us capture the moments we’d hoped for. The baked desserts that had tempted everyone on site all day were finally being photographed. We could taste the sugar through the lens. The pink and orange macaroons were the perfect backdrop for 3 engagement rings that were just as sweet.

Once the rain started that meant the day had concluded. The rush was on to pack up everything and get it safety out of the rain. A successful shoot it was, one that would show artistic interpretation and elegance. The end of an awesome day that was captured exactly how we had envisioned from the start.

The shoot couldn’t have happened without the help of some amazing people and vendors.