Colorful Tuscan Countryside Wedding Inspiration
June 3, 2015
When you've got loads of beautiful wisteria climbing rustic walls, tables filled with delectable bites and vino, and scenes like this, you can only be in Tuscany. A destination where rustic marries elegance so beautifully, like this shoot designed to perfection by Weddings In Tuscany. Soak up every ounce of color (how lovely are those blooms by Jardin Divers?!) here in the gallery from Janna Warm.
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From Weddings In Tuscany By Chiara Sernesi... When Janna contacted me for a shoot in Tuscany, she was looking for a romantic, beautiful place with a lots of wisteria. So, I thought of the beautiful Medieval Borgo of Montestigliano, where you can find blossoms of wisteria everywhere and Medieval charm and character. That is the real taste of Tuscany.

This time of year the wisteria is a phenomenon here in Tuscany. It is a breathtaking spectacle
if you dream of getting married in the Tuscan countryside. Remember that all the plants and the flowers come to life in April, so it is a perfect theme for weddings.

The color palette was inspired by old pale red walls, wisteria blossoms and the Tuscan countryside: natural tones with colorful flower accents that looked elegant and beautiful. The make-up and hair looked natural and delicate. The open back wedding dress was very elegant. The food had intense fresh flavors from a few choice ingredients which were freshly picked or pulled from the earth. Elegance and simplicity; that is Tuscany.

Together with a team of talented providers I tried to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic Tuscan wedding.