Summertime Surprise Picnic Proposal Inspiration
June 2, 2015
Summer Weddings
I'm one of those women who has had my whole wedding planned since adolescence. But, I had never thought about how I wanted my future husband to propose. That is, until I saw this gorgeous proposal inspiration from Just Because Vancouver and Kim James Photography. Future hubs, take note—a surprise proposal (with a photographer on hand to capture the moment) and a spontaneous trip to France will guarantee an enthusiastic "Yes."
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From Just Because Vancouver... If you were asked what was one thing you wanted to do before you died, chances are, travelling the world would be on that bucket list. One of our favourite ways to create a wedding proposal is by touching on the couples' most beloved travel destination. To learn and feel the world's cultural beauty is one of the most fruitful things to experience in a relationship. So for the summer, we created a chic, French country picnic tablescape with whimsical travel elements for a walk down memory lane. It is also a super creative way to surprise your fiancee-to-be if you have a honeymoon trip destination lined up! ("Surprise honey, we're getting engaged! Oh yeah, and we're taking off to France!" - double whammy!) Using violet, white and gold accents, we were able to transform this once dingy, run-down picnic table into a breathtaking space. We wanted to borrow the lavender elements from the south of France, but shy away from the neutral tones to emphasize the colours of summer. Travel elements, such as the suitcases, a bicycle and travel tags reflects their 'journey' to the other side of the world. The DIY luggage tags are a small, yet powerful indicator of his proposal because it has her first name sharing his last name and future dates they will soon spend together. So imagine this. Your man leads you on a walk in a local park because it's a nice day out (which is a rarity for rainy Vancouver!). You two stumble upon a gorgeous set-up, where you approach the bike, the suitcases, and luggage tags. You pick up the luggage tags, read the names and see the chalkboard; as you begin to realize what is about to happen, your man props down on his knee with a diamond ring before you. Your head is spinning, your heart is pounding - this elated moment is indescribable. Afterwards, you two sit down at the picnic table and enjoy a celebratory lunch of your new chapter together, while overlooking a serene lake with sunlight flickering off it.