How to Look Like Yourself on Your Big Day
June 2, 2015
I was not prepared for the anxiety I felt going into my hair and makeup trial for my own wedding: "How can I look extra special...but still look like me!?" Oh how I wish I had Janelle on Location in my neighborhood, because with her wise words, those worries would have been out the door. She gets to know all her clients so she can create the most authentic looks for their special day and her tips below are absolute lifesavers. Check them out - and Attention Creative's fun film - right this way!

Know Yourself

Don’t minimize your comfort! Do you wear your hair up every day? Do you have a certain way you like your eyebrows? Those details matter! Just because a style is pretty, doesn't mean it's the best style for you on your wedding day. Take into account your personality and personal style, and let your hair and makeup be a reflection of your inner self. When we feel comfortable in our own skin we smile bigger, are more relaxed and at ease, and it makes for the best photos!

Compliment Your Gown

What better reflection of your personal style is there than the gorgeous wedding gown you chose?! It makes a statement - a bold one - about who you are, what you’re like, and the bridal style you're going for. Let that inspire your hair and makeup look to tie everything together perfectly.

Choose the Right Stylist

None of this is possible if your Stylist doesn't take the time to get to know you! Find someone who actually cares about your wedding, who asks about your dress, the theme and atmosphere of the Big Day. Unless a Stylist gets to know you as a person and your style as a bride, their recommendations won't be helpful. Try to find someone whose “brand” of hair and makeup is consistent with the bridal style you're aiming for.

Pick the Right Second Opinion

Be really intentional about who you invite into your hair and makeup decision making process. Find someone who knows and gets your style, and won't try to encourage you to do something that is their style. A mom, a sister, a friend… whoever it is, find someone who’s honest and will be true to who you are without their own agenda.