Romantic Nature Preserve Engagement Session
June 1, 2015
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I can only imagine this couples' reaction when they first opened up these stunning images from VIS Photography. I bet there was a squeal or maybe even a tear, because engagement sessions don't get lovelier than this folks. These two totally hit the jackpot (in more ways than one), and you can see what I mean here. 
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From the beautiful Bride... Few people can say they are marrying their high school sweetheart. I feel blessed because I can say that I am marrying my childhood and JUNIOR high school sweetheart. It's always a treat when people ask us how long we have been together, because their reactions are always the same-- a look of confusion / disbelief, then followed with the question, "How old are you?!" Joal and I have been together for about half our lives. We grew up right before each others eyes, and even through all the egos, emotional roller-coasters, and changes, we can't help but continue to fall deeper in love with each other.

Before our 12 year anniversary Joal proposed where it all began -- our junior high school. We had a double date with my sister earlier that day and the game plan went as so: my sister gets into a fake fight with her boyfriend and I convince Joal to pick her up (where she so happens to be at the school).

Too distracted by trying to comfort my sister from her fake fight, I only noticed the trees covered in lights but didn't think much of it. My sister led me to a table where there were candles, flowers and an i-Pad instructing me to "press play". My heart dropped. I still don't think I realized what was going on at this point. A slideshow containing hundreds of photos since Joal and I were 13-years-old shuffled the screen while some of our favorite songs set the mood. Butterflies filled my stomach, tears of joy filled my eyes and my mouth was already so sore from smiling so much. At the end of the slideshow, Joal recorded a video telling me to turn around and follow the candlelit path which led to the junior-high hallway. Seeing him standing there made my knees weak and heart almost want to come out of my chest. THIS WAS FINALLY HAPPENING!!

He had me stand at a specific spot in the hallway while he stood on the other side of the hallway. He then started his speech by saying "This was the location of our lockers... the first time I knew I had to be with you..." After a speech filled with so much emotion, he got down down on one knee, pulled out a ring pop and asked me to be his wife! YES, YES, YES!!! ... even with a ring pop.

No matter how many years go by or how much older we get, we both agree we still, and forever will be in the "honeymoon phase."

Our wedding concept was the inspiration for our engagement photos. We wanted to display the simplicity and beauty of nature while capturing the fun-filled nature of our relationship. Leah chose the location and it was absolutely PERFECT for what we wanted! During our engagement photos, Leah and Rob were amazing! They made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and completely captured "us." I can't wait for our wedding, come August 2015.