Glamorous New Orleans Vow Renewal
May 29, 2015
Spring Weddings
Before embarking on a cross-country move from Florida to California, this lovely couple decided to start off their new beginning on the right note with an intimate vow renewal in New Orleans. With personal, heartfelt vows and a gorgeous setting, they pledged their love and commitment to each other once more. Take a peek at all the beautiful images shot by Matoli Keely Photography in the gallery (including exquisite baubles from the jeweler groom!).
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From Matoli Keely Photography... Anastasiia and Vadim are one of those hard to miss couples! Not only are they married, but they are also head over heels in love with each other; something that is evident the moment you meet them. It is undeniable that this couple is extraordinarily gorgeous and fashionable! Vadim wore a vintage velvet purple jacket with his slicked back hair and Anastasiia’s ethereal gold Marchesa Notte dress was perfectly accented with jewelry by Osta Jewelry. Did I mention her husband Vadim owns Osta Jewelry and creates each and every piece?

Married for 2 years, they were embarking on a cross-country move from Florida to California at the end of March, and along the way made a stop in New Orleans to exchange anniversary vows to each other as they began their new adventure on the West Coast.

They both wrote personal vows, which were elegantly transcribed by the talented Hiba Malik of Coffee & Pen Art, and exchanged them for the first time at the historic and breathtaking Marigny Opera House in the heart of New Orleans. Stammering with tears in between reading their vows, the significance of their love for each other was incredible to witness and document.

“ You make me want to be a better man in every way and I love that you make me feel this way.” ~ Vadim

“There are no words to describe how I feel when I'm with you. Thank you for showing to me what real love is, my life is so much richer because of you.” ~ Anastasiia