Tips for Getting Comfy in Front of the Camera
May 26, 2015
By far, one of my biggest recommendations to couples tying the knot is to do a fun little love session with your photographer. Whether that be a fancy engagement shoot or an adorable, cozy session at home with your sweetie like this one from Kristin La Voie Photography. Either way, it will loosen you up for the big day. Keep reading for a few quick tips from Kristin on how to get comfy in front of the lens!
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Tips for getting comfy in front of the camera

1. My approach to every photo shoot, no matter the content, is to get natural smiles and laughter. I might act super silly or say something off-the-wall to get the expressions I am going for, but ultimately it helps get everyone relaxed and into it! Once we have that comfort established, it is all about trusting your photographer. Once you have that trust with him/her, it's so much easier from there!

2. I am all about a nice cuddle fest, so I love to get my couples snuggling. This immediately puts them at ease, and from there, gets them feeling really natural in front of the camera! Once you forget the camera is there, it's just all about creating natural images that tell a story.

3. Include elements that speak about who you are. If this means simply lounging with a cup of coffee or in your man's oversized sweater like a typical Sunday morning, let's do THAT!

4. Having your hair and makeup professionally done (by someone like Vanessa Valliant!) will immediately put you at ease knowing you look your best. I personally love to get it done for photos or big events so it eliminates that element of stress.