"Sixteen Candles" Inspired Wedding Shoot
May 26, 2015
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If you just so happen to be a Molly Ringwald, 1980's movie fan - this shoot is for you. And if you have yet to experience the magic that is Sixteen Candles, I'm pretty sure the wedding inspiration will still manage to speak straight to your pretty-loving soul. Captured by SLF, it's must-see gallery - and can't miss cake from Country Cake Shop - plus film will have you pinning from start to finish.
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From SLF...The most important piece for me about this shoot was the people. Not the flowers, the cake, the pretty details. Not the “models.” The two genuine, lively and giddy-in-love individuals we chose to tell our story. Though the details surrounding them are gorgeous, the lovers make the scene. Bryon put the idea of a ’16 Candles’ Inspired Shoot into my head. The table, the birthday cake, the candles. And this vision of a romantic and youthful little love scene that could actually leave a feeling with its viewers, the way a good film does, had me immediately excited.

I worked on planning the shoot that day. Bryon and I are creative commercial filmmaking and wedding cinematographers. We are also professional wedding photographers. It was, and is always, our goal to tell a story and to inspire a feeling. Not just to have you swooning over the pretty details. But to connect you to real people. To give you butterflies. To give ourselves butterflies. To make you cry. To make ourselves cry. This is the first styled shoot Bryon and I have directed ourselves and we did it in passion of real people and the feelings we share with them. A little story of early love. A little dream of young romance and that perfect first kiss, long-awaited. And inspired by that memorable last scene of the 1984 film ‘Sixteen Candles.’ We created our own unique tribute to the scene, with a gorgeous piece of music composed by Tommy Leinonen. We are thankful for all of the amazing and gifted people who had a part in bringing this vision of romance and beauty to life.

Photography: SLF | Cinematography: SLF | Floral Design: Seventh Stem | Cake: Country Cake Shop | Hair: Alla Pavlov | Calligraphy: Katie Stewart | Venue: The Old Schoolhouse| Makeup Artist: Hannah Ott | Music: Tommy Leinonen