Elegant Fall Estate Wedding
May 20, 2015
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Props to this Bride for planning her whole beautiful bash in five months. Not only is that an accomplishment in itself, but the finished results are absolutely stunning. From the floral arches DIY'd by the Bride and her creative mother, to the postcard worthy views surrounding the estate, onelove photography's pics have me in awe. Add in the GoPro drone film and this wedding is one for the books.
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From the Bride... Chris and I wanted our wedding to reflect who we are as a couple mainly by the location we chose for our wedding, as well as the personal touches we incorporated throughout the night.

We had the ceremony and reception outdoors on my parent's 17-acre property in Danville, California because it has been a special place for us throughout our relationship. Family is the most important thing for both of us, so it felt right having the event in our hometown where we spend the most time with our families.

Chris and I chose to have our wedding dinner served as a five-course tapas menu because we both love food and wanted to share some of our favorite dishes with our guests.

When Chris and I first met we quickly bonded over our love of music and attended dozens of concerts - for this reason live music was a must! We chose a nine-piece band to play during the evening.

Chris and I were only engaged for five months before getting married so our planning was done very quickly!! My mother and I planned the wedding together (with Chris’ input of course). We made a lot of the decorations ourselves. My favorite decoration was for our ceremony; my mother and I created flower arches that our bridal party held up as my father walked me out to Chris. They were originally pink hula-hoops we bought at the dollar tree. We spray painted them cream and covered them in flowers. They turned out beautifully!

Another favorite was our wedding favors: they were two tiny containers filled with a flavored salt Chris and I each picked out. Accompanying the salts were recipe cards each containing a recipe from Chris and I (for guest to use the salts with)! We wrapped each party favor in a small cellophane bag and finished it with a ribbon. My favorite memory of the evening was the sunset we got that night. The sky was the most vibrant pinks and purples. It was seriously a gift from God!

Chris and I were fortunate enough to have our friend use his GoPro camera and drone to make our wedding video. It is something so unique and we now have it to cherish forever!

My advice: follow your initial instinct when it comes to decision-making. It is easy to get distracted by magazines, Pinterest, etc. Get creative outside of what you find in ads and social media, and think about what you want to feel when you look back on your wedding photos in ten or twenty years.