Bridal Beauty: Fake Blowout
May 17, 2015
While we'd all love to treat ourselves to a professional blowout multiple times a week, busy schedules and hectic lives often prevent this kind of pampering. But with Jennie Kay's awesome tips, you can get the perfect "fake" blowout (perfect for the bridal shower, bachelorette party and beyond!) right at home. Don't believe us? Get ready to be awed by this fake blowout in the video below!


How to Fake a Blowout

step-1Gather a "mohawk" section in the center of your head and separate this section into two parts, front and back. Spray each section with hairspray.

step-2Begin curling these sections away from your face, using a 2" curling iron. When releasing the curl, maintain its shape and pin it to your head to cool. Repeat with each section on the top of your head.

step-3Create sections on the side and back of your head and clip to keep them out of your way. Like you did with the top section, begin curling pieces away from your head and pin the curl in place to cool.

step-4Continue in this pattern all the way around the head, spraying with hairspray as you go. Let all rolls cool to set.

step-5Gently release each curl and tousle with your fingers for a natural look!
Film: Elysium Productions  | Photography: Ruth Eileen | Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty