Romantic Sydney Oceanside Inspiration
May 12, 2015
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When I get married, I can only hope my wedding looks half as beautiful as this breathtaking photo shoot. From the soft lighting and romantic florals, to the picture-perfect setting and adorable cake, I'm completely obsessed with every detail that Whitney Heard Photography caught on camera. Excuse me while I spend the rest of the day admiring all the pretty.
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From Dominique Flowers...The hazy shades of dusk, in shimmering gold, pink and blush, from the sun setting over the white cliffs of Mackenzies Bay were the inspiration found for this airy and romantic bridal editorial. The azure ocean blues of Tamarama and gentle movements of the sea, the bride resplendent in her frothy, like ocean foam, tulle gown and grounded by the strength of her groom’s love, just like the solid rocks they stand upon. The bride's hair softly tousled, silk ribbons tied to the foraged garden bouquet and calligraphy inscribed chiffon billowing with the ocean’s breeze.

Airy greens, adorned with old-world roses, and gauzy fabrics layer the dining table, their edges casually unfinished. Open weave plant-dyed napkins, slightly marbled in colour, and antique silverware, tied in pairs with delicate silk ribbon, are set upon gilded menus and hand-made dinnerware, with a marine-inspired lace design, to signify the bond shared during the couples first meal together, as husband and wife.

The bride and groom lovingly embrace to watch the sun drop below the cliffs. The two-tiered cake, decorated with a floral design in soft watercolour strokes, as sweet as their love, to be enjoyed with vintage champagne coupes of bubbly Billecart-Salmon Rose. A perfect ending to an even more perfect day.