Romantic Fall Wedding in the Hamptons
May 12, 2015
Tri State
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This Bride entered the planning process with a goal: she wanted her wedding to be like a "mullet," serious in the front, party in the back. And that m'dears, might just be the best wedding goal I've ever heard. With Daughter of Design and Rock Paper Scissors Events at the helm, this goal was achieved, with an elegant cocktail hour in the front lawn, followed by an epic 80's dance party to end the night in the backyard. Ira Lippke Studios captured both sides and these pics are practically bursting with pure joy.
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From Rock Paper Scissors Events... As a professional you aren't really supposed to have "favorites," but... sometimes you just do and this wedding was definitely one of my favorite weddings because it just had the perfect mix of fun, elegance and the unexpected. First, a seriously cool couple: they met in Thailand at a Full Moon party, and their second date was a weekend trip to Atlantis. Plus they are both surgery residents, and yet somehow manage to have a ton of hobbies and make time to travel the world together on their breaks.

Second, you know you are in for a treat when the bride tells you at your first consultation that she wants the wedding to be like a "mullet": serious in the front, party in the back. The wedding was held at the groom's dad's home in the Hamptons, and the couple took the mullet inspiration to have an elegant cocktail party on the front lawn as guests arrived with a jazz band, and a killer 80's dance party in the backyard, including a midnight swim where all of the guests jumped in fully clothed! You know it's a good party when the 80's cover band that you hired is having so much fun with you that they don't want to leave and stay on to do an impromptu late night sing-along inside the house on the piano.

Design wise, we took a lot of inspiration from the couple. We brought in their medical careers with the apothecary designed escort card table and "prescription" guest book. The Full Moon theme of the party where they met was carried out in the custom invitations, date of the wedding, metallic color palette, and disco ball dance party. Hydrangeas were a dominant flower to harmonize as a common flower of the Hamptons. They had a beautiful Jewish ceremony with personalized vows that made everyone laugh and cry.

Even for someone who does this a lot, it was a magical weekend, the party of a lifetime, though for these two, I have a feeling that the magic has just begun.