Cultural Cancun Destination Wedding Part II
May 12, 2015
North America
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One colorful soiree wrapped up in cultural meaning is a surefire way to get our hearts racing. But, add in the fact that this is only the second installment of this stunning affair and you've captivated our hearts and minds. With beautiful blooms by Canteiro, every snap from Heather Waraksa is a pretty pop of color within one show-stopping Mehndi party. See it all here!
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Sunsets, sandy toes and stunning pops of color, this is our idea of the perfect fete. Winning the award for impressive color combinations, this darling pair celebrated their upcoming nuptials with crafted cocktails and plenty of Planner 1 Events blooms. Heather Waraksa was behind the lens capturing every minute to share including their wedding (up next!).
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From the beautiful Bride... During the holiday break in December, I went to India with Sam and his family to buy all of our Indian outfits for the wedding. We practically went to every single shop in Delhi and Chandigarh. There we spent as much time shopping for the accompanying jewelry as on the outfits. It was a lot of fun, but very intense. Luckily Sam's aunt and cousin had already done the legwork of finding the best shops for us to visit, so we were able to get all the shopping done in under a week, which I've been told is miraculous. I had also wanted to wear a white dress in addition to all the indian outfits, and I shopped around for quite a while. I ended up with one from J.Crew because it was just the right amount of simple and understated elegance for me.

In India, Sam got his friends kurtas (traditional indian long shirt & pants) and I got my friends handprinted Indian scarfs. We wanted our friends to have something Indian they could wear if they wanted to for the Sikh ceremony and the Mendhi. We had fun picking out the colors for each of our friends. We also got a lot of bangles and bindis for women at the Mendhi. It was inspired by tradition and was all so very colorful, celebratory and playful.

Because we were hosting an entire weekend, we had a total of six events. When asked if we had a favorite, I honestly can say that we have been debating the answer to this exact question with family since the wedding. I just can't pick one! I absolutely loved all of them.