Elegant Vintage Chic Southern Wedding
May 8, 2015
Mid Atlantic
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A celebration centered around family is sure to be stunning, but add vintage elements and you've got yourself one chic affair. From the Bride's heirloom ring, to the venue filled with family history, every detail holds significance. Stephen Thrift Photography was on hand capturing every darling accent from this outdoor celebration and you can see it all unfold here!
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From the beautiful Bride... My Mom has always told me I was an "old soul". I grew up with the family at the heart of all we did. I think that must be where the emphasis of our wedding came from…all things vintage and family related. It was important to me to incorporate those aspects into our big day. Travis and I also love the outdoors and we wanted our entire wedding, including the reception and ceremony to be outdoors. We envisioned blue sky, sunshine, and the warmth of family and friends surrounding us…there was no place better to be married than the home I grew up in! The day was perfect.

Travis and I knew each other in high school, but our paths took us in different directions while pursuing our mutual love of the outdoors. I lived in Seamboat Springs and Estes Park Colorado, doing the "ski thing" and worked on a horse ranch in Arizona. Travis lived in Crested Butte. My love of family kicked in after a while…I missed them, so I headed back to High Point. Travis had the same idea. We reconnected , got together to catch up, and the rest as they say is history. Travis arranged an outing to a historical homestead that had once been in his family. There he asked me to be his wife and create a history together. Both families were waiting inside the historical home to surprise and congratulate us.

My engagement ring was my grandmother's, given to her by my "Papaw" 65 years ago. I also wore her pearls as well as a beautiful dinner ring given to me by my parents the morning of the wedding. It was a gift to my mom, from my dad, given to her when they were first married. A silver charm containing my grandfather's picture and my great grandmothers brooch adorned my bridal bouquet. My family's special recipes were incorporated into the menus for the day….making it seem like dinner at home, not a catered event! Keeping with the traditions of our family, the food served was grown locally and served family style at farm tables. Honey from our family bee hives was given as favors. Yummy treats filled the dessert table, including wedding cake of course with cupcakes, macaroons and cookies. My mom surprised us again by having a vintage ice cream truck complete with music drive up at the designated time as well as a cigar roller for the guys. It was the most amazing day, one we will never forget.