Modern Earthy Equestrian Wedding Inspiration
May 1, 2015
Fancy hats, mint juleps and beautiful horses are right around the corner m'dears. I'm so looking forward to this year's Kentucky Derby and this shoot from WINK! and onelove photography is the reason why. It's an earthy-modern take on equestrian life and it's oh-so-good. Florals by Ella & Louie, an incredibly gorgeous Claire Pettibone dress and this beauty—so, so good.
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From WINK!... The first time Chrissy told us about Whispering Rose Ranch, we couldn't believe our ears. It had all the makings to be one of the most inspired Wedding Venues in the Santa Barbara region. Inspired by the breathtaking scenery, gold light, and Carolina Herrera's early Equestrian Days, This luxurious Ranch was so magnificent that we knew we had to share it with you all! After seeing the property, we knew that we wanted to emulate the art of Horse Back Riding and Equestrianism, and veer away from the rustic mentality. We took cues from the Solvang's lush color palette: rich greens, neutral tones and gold sunsets. We named our style "Modern, Earthy Equestrian" and incorporated vintage trophies from Horse Shows from the 1950s.

In addition, we loved working with the idea of ribbon throughout, inspired by old show ribbons. It allowed us to highlight organic, clean lines in a chic way. Shot by the incredible onelove photography, we collaborated to evoke the essence of equestrianism and the idea that maybe our bride had spent the morning riding in the hills, just her and the quiet, vastness of Solvang's beauty, only to pull her hair back for an impromptu wedding ceremony. The bride had her hair and make up done by the amazing Amy Castaniero of The Blushed Company, who executed two different looks with beauty and ease.

In the first look, our bride wears a clean, white blazer, accented with a lace crop top and finished off with a stunning white trumpet skirt from Chic Little Devil. The sexy, sophistication of the bride's suit was heightened with a sleek ponytail and a perfect velvet ribbon, harkening back to her riding days. We kept make up clean, fresh, and dewey, with a deep plum lip to evoke a sophisticated, polished feel with a punch. For the more traditional bridal look, our Bride wore a Claire Pettibone (also sourced from Chic Little Devil) that was nothing short of heavenly. The long sleeved, lace detailing felt both classic and contemporary, while still feeling incredibly organic. Tracey of Ella and Louie designed all of the amazing florals for our table scape and incorporated an array of simple flowers including eucalyptus and other greenery, Carolina Pine, and an assortment of white flowers, including white roses picked early that morning. The Bouquet was a culmination of all of the different florals, and was fastened with plaid ribbons in navy, tans, and deep greens.

Last but certainly not least, we showcased Dish Wish Girl's amazing china, flatware, and stemware. We were inspired by the idea of embossing and chose gorgeous, white china with equestrian flair. The tarnished silver flatware was a perfect accent and worked with the crystal cut coupes and smoky stemware to round out our color palette. The remainder of the table scape was strategically filled with locally sourced trophies that acted as vessels for our florals, rough cut white crystals, votive candles in baking tins, and vintage horseshoes. We had such an amazing time designing and coordinating this shoot and are so grateful to our Santa Barbara dream team for bringing our vision to life! We cannot wait to return to this gorgeous escape in the heart of Solvang!