Modern Saint Thomas Preservation Hall Wedding
April 29, 2015
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The team at Light Cannon Films has a way of melting our hearts around here. They take a wedding day and turn it into a beautiful story, dotted with traditions, moments and smiles galore—like this modern fete at St. Thomas Preservation Hall. A stunning Bride in an Oscar De La Renta dress accented with robin's egg blue stands at the center of it all. Press play to be wowed!
From Light Cannon Films... Diana and Robert are such a unique couple and their wedding day reflected that perfectly. Diana's stunning gown with accents in robin's egg blue matched her serene countenance. The clear sky and warm sun in the middle of January resembled the glow from Robert's smile. The breathtaking hydrangea wall that stood as the backdrop to their altar added to the distinct freshness in the air. Their simple, uncomplicated decor showed that they focus on the things that matter.

These details mixed with culture from two special families made for a gorgeous day that was unlike any other. That's the best part of filming weddings - seeing all the traditions of a wedding transformed to the tastes and values of two people starting a new life together.