DIY Decorative Tassels
April 20, 2015
Tassels, tassels, tassels. In all honesty, we just can't get enough. Whether they're serving as a backdrop, topping a cake or gussying up your champagne flutes, we set out to show you pretty (and easy!) they can be. Thanks to the video below from Elysium Productions you can learn how to make your very own decorative tassels for the perfect addition to any celebration!


DIY Decorative Tassels


  • Fringe cutter

  • Scissors

  • Tissue paper


step-1Fold tissue paper in half longways, and then fold in half again.

step-2Unfold and cut along the line. Layer each piece on top of each other.

step-3Place the folded edges of the tissue paper towards the top of the fringe cutter, and press down and pull to cut the fringe. Continue doing this down the length of the paper. If you don't have a fringe cutter, you can use scissors to cut equally-sized strands.

step-4Open the folded sheet and gently roll, then twist the middle to create a rope. Fold your tassel in half and create a loop in the middle by twisting.

step-5Use the tassels to create a garland, attached to drink stirrers, or as a cake topper!

Film: Elysium Productions  | Photography: Ruth Eileen | Design and Styling: Style Me Pretty