High School Sweethearts' Elegant Ohio Wedding
April 13, 2015
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Is there anything sweeter than high school sweethearts? Straight from the the lens of Leo Timoshuk Photography every moment of this elegant affair is sure to bring a sweet smile to your sunny day. From their young love that blossomed into a lifelong adventure, their sweet ceremony is forever immortalized in a gallery that is just waiting for you right here!
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From the beautiful Bride... One rainy April evening, our Ukrainian church youth gathered at a local bowling alley after our all-day regional conference. I was 15 and it was the first time I had ever been out. We all congregated together in a billiards room, and I stood by watching a pool game that was in progress. I had never played before, but somehow a friend of mine convinced me to join a game of two on two. My partner promised to show me how to play and did he ever! It was a moment out of a movie script; I was so shy I could not look him in the eyes. If I remember correctly, we won that game! As he shook hands with me to tell me: "Good game. By the way, my name is Victor" I look up and my goodness, he was the cutest guy ever!

I came home that night and told my family of the encounter. It was so poignant and I couldn't shake the feeling that I had met "the one." I was so young that I resigned myself to think that it couldn't be so. Over the next few years, we grew to be very good friends before dating. "High School Sweethearts," if you will.

Two years of dating and what had been placed on my heart came to fruition. Victor proposed to me by a beautiful spot near my old high school: a little bench where we first talked of dating all those years back. I was so overjoyed when he was delivering his proposal speech that I interrupted him saying "yes, yes, yes!"

Perhaps what I noticed the first day we met, is what I love most about Victor. He has such a beautiful, peaceful aura about him. In many ways we complete each other, but I think what makes him so special is that he feels like home.