3 DIY Floral Hair Recipes For Spring
April 3, 2015
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When it comes to hair inspiration, I'm all for sprinkling soft curls with pretty blooms. It adds the sweetest touch of romance to a bride's look and not to mention, incredibly gorgeous for spring and summer soirees. Lucky us, Ashley Ludaescher, Lena Schleweis and Botanic Art Floral & Event Design teamed up to bring some petal-perfected styles that knock it out of the park. Keep reading for the step-by-step details!
From Ashley Ludaescher Photography...I planned a floral beauty shoot together with hair and makeup stylist Lena Schleweis & floral designer Hurriyet Bulan. We LOVE seeing our brides with beautiful flowers in their hair, but we wanted to create an inspiration that was a bit different than the oh so popular flower crown. We had so much fun putting together these different looks and we hope they inspire you to mix up the flowers in your hair on your wedding day! Here are some details about each look and how to recreate them:


This hair pin is created with garden roses, a few leaves of boston fern and accents of blue viburnum berries.

1. Each rose head should be wired and taped with floral tape.

2. Once the roses are prepped, you start adding the single leaves of fern and continue to tie them one by one with the floral tape.

3. Keep adding more roses and some of the viburnum berries until you achieve the size that complements the hair style.

This floral crown is created with mini succulents, a few boston fern leaves, blue viburnum berries & sweet peas.

1. To create this floral crown you need a long wire.

2. To get the desired look , you start by bending the wire the way it will be pinned in the hair. We chose an "S" shaped design that wrapped around the crown of the head and encompassed the loose updo.

3. Once the wire is taped up in floral tape, you can start hot gluing the mini succulents then the viburnum berries and leaves, leaving the sweet pea for last, as their petals are very delicate.
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This floral pin is created with black dahlias, blue viburnum berries, ‘Black Knight’ Queen Anne’s Lace and feathers. The oblong floral pin is created in the same way as the rose pin.

1. Here you also wire the dahlia heads first and start adding each item one by one.

2. Keep taping them together with floral tape until the prefect size is reached.

3. The feathers were dotted with hot glue and placed to the desired spot.