Cozy Anniversary Session in Seattle
March 30, 2015
It might be the PNW native in me, but there is something about Seattle that beckons romance. Maybe it's the fact that the coffee rivals most or that their farmer's markets are mecca, but after seeing this sweet pair celebrating a year of wedded bliss, I think you'll agree. From a waterfront walk to their market stroll, Katie DeLorme captured it all right here!
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From the Bride... My husband and I decided that we wanted to do something special for our first wedding anniversary. We had a particularly hard first year of marriage with all of the curve balls that life decided to throw at us. From the death of my sweet mother-in-law, the death of one of my husband's oldest friends, to surgery just after a month of being married, to finishing the first year of law school, it was hard, but we made it through and came out stronger than we were before.

With all that we had to deal with during our first year of marriage we decided that the second year would be much better than the first by focusing on us and living life to the fullest. There was no better way to do that than through a little weekend getaway with a little bit of awesome photography. Living in California, we are accustomed to winters being around 60 degrees with some days being even warmer to the lovely drought we are currently in. We were after a change of scenery (and a little colder weather) where I could finally wear my blanket scarf and maybe finally get to use the clear umbrellas I had purchased for our wedding the year before. With those things in mind, Seattle was the perfect destination! Our California weather decided to follow us up north, the weekend we were in Seattle, it was a sunny 66 degrees with no rain in the forecast (go figure, right?) While we didn't get to use those clear umbrellas, I did finally got to wear my blanket scarf that I'd been dying to wear.

These pictures are so dear to our hearts because when we look at them we can see the different emotions in our faces from the year before and the hope we have for the coming year. It's amazing what love can endure, and it's so special to have the pictures that show it. Katie DeLorme was such a joy to work with and she takes the most amazing pictures, she wasn't afraid to get a little down and dirty to capture the perfect shot for us.