Garden Inspired Austin Wedding
March 27, 2015
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This, my friends, is the kind of wedding I live for: a laid-back, yet totally sophisticated affair that is equal parts sooo fun and sooo pretty.  From the beautiful blooms from Rosehip Flora to the garden-inspired loveliness crafted by Beau Tied Events (masters, I tell you) to that oh-so-cool Austin charm.  In other words?  It's pure perfection... and the gallery from Kat Bevel?  As awesome as you think.  
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From The Bride... Jeff and I began planning just over four months before our wedding day. When we started planning, all we knew was the location: Austin, Texas, where we met twelve years ago. Beyond that, we knew we wanted to keep things simple and fun, which for us meant focusing on things we love: food, music, and our wonderful family and friends.

Because we were planning a wedding in Austin from our home in San Francisco and we had both a short time frame and a strict budget, we knew we needed help, which is where our wedding planner, Kathlee Akers, came to the rescue. She listened to my stream of ideas and helped us plan a wedding that was beautiful, intimate, elegant, and completely true to our somewhat quirky personalities.

Within a month, we had booked the perfect venue, the Palm Door, in the heart of downtown Austin, and had found Erin at Rosehip Flora, who would transform the Palm Door into the indoor garden of my dreams. Pink Avocado, Palm Door's in-house catering team, wowed us from our first tasting through the wedding day.

Our ceremony was brief but personal: we asked three of the people most dear to us to perform readings of poems that we love, then exchanged vows we had written ourselves and stored in our pockets as we walked up the aisle. We spent the rest of the evening eating, drinking, dancing, and talking to guests who had traveled to the heat of Texas in August from as far as London and Mozambique. Our close friend Will stepped in as our DJ and played songs that we love from the minute the ceremony started until we left for the night. Jeff and I managed a first dance without falling down and then, in lieu of the traditional father daughter dance, my father played "Ripple" by the Grateful Dead, which we sang together.

When Kat Bevel sent us the pictures of our wedding, I promptly burst into tears because they so perfectly captured our wedding day and the love that we felt for each other and our family and friends.

Unless you have unlimited time and unlimited resources, planning a wedding alone is impossible. My best advice is to find people you trust, whether friends and family or a wedding planner, and let them help you make decisions, especially for things you don't feel strongly about.