Spring Tuscan Wedding Inspiration
March 26, 2015
Spring Weddings
I dream of being invited to an Italian wedding, so I can escape to the hills of Tuscany for a rustic, elegant dinner party, complete with local treats and never ending bottles of wine. This shoot by DY Wedding Photography and Weddings in Tuscany gave me the perfect photos for these fantasies of mine and if my wanderlust was fired up at the beginning, there is no stopping it now. See it all right here.
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From Weddings in Tuscany... The superb Jardin Divers team and myself, Chiara Sernesi (both Tuscany vendors) met Danielle Yashar, the Israeli photographer and her husband (who both wished to be Italian too:) ), for a wonderful creation of our "Spring Tuscan Wedding Inspiration" shoot!

We met in a beautiful typical Tuscan villa to create a spring wedding inspiration shoot for the couples of spring and summer 2015. We combined the color trends of this year: fuchsia and yellow next to a gentle touch of white, gold and lilac.

The main theme which led us was the guest's point-of-view: a warm welcome to a wedding where you can taste, smell and see Tuscany in every corner! There was a special attention to the local elements like the food and drinks so the guests could really feel the uniqueness of this kind of destination wedding. A combination of classic and rustic decor is the perfect Tuscany welcoming.