Green Gables Whimsical Outdoor Wedding
March 23, 2015
United States
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Before we gush on the details that make up this Green Gables wedding, can we take a moment to talk about one insanely cute proposal? While on a train through Europe, he popped the question via their favorite travel game when the Bride pieced together the missing letter of: W I L L Y OU A R R Y E. Fast forward to the big day and you'll find a wedding more whimsy-filled and charming than you can even imagine. See it all through the lens of our fave, Joey Kennedy
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From The Bride...Chris and I were playing our favorite traveling game on a train from Valencia to Barcelona in Spain a few summers ago, and when I deduced the rest of the missing letters here, W I L L Y OU A R R Y E , I couldn't believe the our engagement day had finally arrived.

One of my favorite parts of our wedding day other than walking back down the aisle hand in hand with Chris was our first dance. That was one thing we did no planning for whatsoever, and I am a robot on the dance floor. It was so embarrassing to have everyone watch our horrendous excuse at 'winging it', but Chris and I laughed so hysterically the entire time that we were nearly crying, and that feeling is one of the best in life.

My advice to other brides-to-be is to set a good mood for yourself on your wedding day in whatever way works for you. That way, anything that ends up happening will be either a delight or a non-issue.