Modern Bistro Wedding
March 15, 2015
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Intimate and modern with a big ol' side of romance, this is a wedding that is all about the pretty. Think an elegant Nicole Miller gown mix and mingling with sophisticated stylings, a crazy cool Bistro, VG setting and a foodie bride and groom who know a thing or two about throwing an awesome party.  See it all captured by Michelle Scott in the full gallery. 
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From the Bride... To describe the day in a nutshell: Better than I could have ever dreamed. In order for me to describe the day, I would have to go back a bit and describe how we got there. When my fiancé and I got engaged, we knew from the start we wanted a wedding that would be "us". Not one of these mega blow-out weddings you go to or the chic fancy weddings you see in the magazines. We wanted something that spoke who we were as a couple. I am one who loves the small intimate gatherings, rustic yet elegant decor, beautiful but simple flowers and good food and wine. My fiancé, who is an executive chef at a private country club, focuses on food and wine first, then the surroundings. The good thing is that we both had the same vision when it came to our wedding. We wanted somewhere that was local, beautiful setting and, of course, good food. This is how we decided on Bistro VG. 

October 10, 2014 was a beautiful day. The temperature was perfect and not a cloud in the sky. For our wedding, we had rented out the back room at Bistro VG, a local restaurant in Roswell, Georgia that has been around for years.We had only invited thirty-two people; mostly just family and a few very important friends who had been big influences in our lives. The staff had transformed the back room into a mock chapel, and it looked beautiful. The rustic white painted brick walls, the linen chairs and elegant, yet simple flowers really made the room unique. I had made programs with my best friend that laid on every chair, and on the back we printed a thank you from my fiancé and me for everyone being there.

Our service was performed by a local minister who was amazing. She let us tailor our whole service to fit exactly what we wanted. One great idea that we did was a wine box and love letter time capsule. This went in place of the traditional candle lighting ceremony. Another aspect of the ceremony that I thought was great was the inclusion of my fiancé's daughter. Not only am I saying " I Do" to him, but also her, and we wanted her to know how much we both love her.

After our ceremony, we invited guest out front to the restaurant bar for cocktail, this was the perfect chance to go take some pictures. And let me tell you about our photographer, Michelle Scott - she was incredible. My fiancé had never met her, but when he did, he instantly felt comfortable. He's not one to have his picture taken, but she just made it feel natural with no anxiety. We proceeded to take pictures with family before finishing with some shots of just the two of us outside. I do have to mention that she got some incredible shots of me getting ready and some timeless pictures of my dress.

After about forty five minutes of cocktails, we invited every one back into the back room, which had been transformed by the staff into one large communal dining table, outfitted with cream and tan linen, beautiful flower arrangements, candles and place cards that I had made. We decided to have platters of cheese and charcuterie out for our guest, and my now husband had a bourbon table out for anyone who would like bourbon. Our guest book was the Bouchon Cookbook by Thomas Keller (because food plays such a big role in our family it just felt appropriate and we thought it was unique) that guests could sign on any page they wished. Our cake table was beautiful. We had both the wedding cake and groom's cake made by Frosted Pumpkin, two forks with Mr. & Mrs. on them,  a cake sever that had our names and date engraved on them, and more of the flowers we had chosen.

From then on, it was a very informal yet formal dinner. There were toasts, bottles of wine being opened and, of course, great food. One of the best and most fun parts of the night was the photos we took outside after dinner. We had asked Michelle if we could do pictures with sparklers to make a heart, dance in the lighted trees outside and she delivered. She was so fun to work with. She made taking pictures so fun, that we decided to run across the street and stand in the median while traffic was coming, just to capture the moment. And I do have to say that when we got our pictures back, I was blown away. They are incredible. My husband is a fan of black and white photos, and was not disappointed at all. Just to go back and look at them lets us relive it all over again.

After our pictures were over, we went back in, told our guest goodbye and jumped in our private car waiting for us and headed home as husband and wife. To some our wedding doesn't seem like a lot, but to us it was the world. Having such a small intimate wedding at such a unique place with "us" written all over it was magical. I would never have wanted anything different.