Breathtaking Seaside Wedding Inspiration
March 13, 2015
United States
Minimalistic and powerful, we dare you to find something more breathtaking than this seaside shoot snapped by Jen Wojcik. From agate stone dishware to geode jewelry, every detail To La Lune incorporated gives a subtle nod to natures gifts. Complemented by a toned color palette and Plenty Of Petals, the barren landscape whispers elegance and the gallery is sure to leave you in awe, right here!
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From Jen Wojcik Photography... Our main inspiration behind this shoot came from the natural elements found at the barren Salton Sea landscape. The colors of the sea and the sky melting together in such a way causing an illusion of never ending time and space was something so magical to witness. The landscape itself felt like the female nude in art. Minimalistic, powerful, daring you to find something more beautiful to look at. But the custom dress designed by Amanda at Thorne Artistry and the Amour Sarah Seven Gown from The Dress Theory are just that. More beautiful.

Some of our favorite details from the shoot included the agate stone dish ware & geode jewelry giving a nod to the gifts that can be found in the depths of our beautiful earth. The lush and perfectly toned color palette in the floral design from Plenty of Petals juxtaposes the barren landscape. "Breathe me in, I'm yours to keep" whispered from the calligraphy cake collaboration by Sweet Lydia's of San Diego & Twinkle and Toast left us breathless....

We love being able to share such a special day in varying forms of visual media, sparking all senses! Please take a moment to enjoy the video crafted by Amanda Madeline Studio.
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Amour Sarah Seven Gown
The Dress Theory
Custom Gown, Hair +Makeup Artistry + Wardrobe Styling
Thorne Artistry
Event Design + Coordination
To La Lune
Paper Elements + Calligraphy
Twinkle And Toast