Rustic Wedding at The Grace Maralyn Estate and Gardens
March 11, 2015
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An incredibly pretty venue, a beaming Bride, and a celebration overflowing with sweet DIY details; this my friends, is how you get through a tough Wednesday. This gallery, assembled by the talented Jen Rodriguez, is your new Pinterest goldmine - do not miss the adorable place card display - and just might be where I'll remain, adding these flags, flowers and more to my lucky boards.
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From the Bride... We met in college. Matt was in a fraternity and I was in a sorority. After a few failed attempts (Matt forgetting my name, and not actually getting my number), it seemed like the universe kept bringing us together again to give us another chance. We finally ran into each other randomly one day and I commented on Matt's Shark's hat. Matt finally asked for my number and then kept calling until I answered (I thought it was weird he called and didn't just text). Slowly but surely we fell in love and the rest shall be history!

Matt proposed in the San Francisco Bay. We had a private sailboat sail from Alameda to the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset and a picnic dinner. Matt was so nervous he only said about 10 words during the whole thing (a 2-hour boat ride). He finally mustered up the courage and suggested we go to the bow to take a picture and popped the question. I saw it coming but was elated nonetheless and of course said yes! They we headed back and set off Chinese lanterns to make wishes for our future marriage.

When it came to our wedding, we wanted something that wasn't so formal/fancy, that is just not us. After looking at multiple locations in northern California we couldn't find anything that we could really make our own until we found the Grace Maralyn Estate. Since Matt's family is coming all the way from Canada we really wanted a place where we could really host a family gathering and be able to enjoy everyone. We wanted somewhere that was a relaxed atmosphere where people could play lawn games and get to know each other and then dance the night away. I loved the rustic feel and cute barn. It just seemed right.

The barn was decked out with antiques thanks to our amazing florist. We had mason jar's as our gift, a DIY bar marquee light, DIY celebratory flags for after the ceremony, an antique ladder with mason jars for our table assignments, and an amazing frame of LOVE with baby's breath!

Besides marrying the man of my dreams I was really looking forward to seeing everything come together. There are so many different pieces and the planning has been going on for so long I just couldn't wait to see my visions come to life!