Intimate NYC Wedding in Fort Tryon Park
March 10, 2015
Tri State
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In the face of great challenge, love conquers all. Against the backdrop of timeless yet ever-changing New York City, Levi Stolove Photography captured this couple's beautiful fall ceremony in Fort Tryon Park overlooking the Hudson River. It's a gorgeous celebration of love: for one another, the city and family. Lose yourself in all the details right here!
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From The Grooms...We got engaged in New Orleans immediately following Hurricane Sandy, and I think that really helped to set the tone for us and the wedding. It was all about celebrating our love for each other, the city, and our family. All of these ideas are timeless, so we arrived upon a venue and an aesthetic that we felt would speak to this notion of timelessness. We wanted to capture the classic New York vibe in a way that was almost unexpected and new, in the same way that the city can surprise you. It may be trite, but New York is a city that is so established and historic, yet simultaneously can feel so new and exciting.

Fort Tryon Park is an incredible part of the city that feels unexpected and incredibly historic, with views of the skyline, the Hudson, and brilliant foliage in the fall. We used this to our advantage and pulled together a beautiful ceremony in the park, overlooking the Hudson, and accompanied by our loved ones. All of our friends were so amazingly supportive and we feel so blessed to have had Alina Lundry, an especially caring and wonderful friend, officiate the ceremony. It was all a stunning blur of love and music that would inevitably meander down a path to the warm stone walls of the New Leaf Restaurant, accompanied by wonderfully talented string quartet. The evening was more than we could have ever hoped for, if only because of all the wonderful people in our lives and the love that we all share, we are so blessed.