Romantic Meets Rustic Backyard Wedding
March 6, 2015
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If you're wondering just how much I love backyard weddings, you should know that this past weekend, I curled up with a cozy blanket and watched Father of the Bride... twice.  So this sweet romantic meets rustic party held in the bride's parents' backyard?  It's awesome.  Imagine the sweet stylings of Francine Ribeau Events meets gorgeous imagery from Vis Photography.  See them all right here.
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From the Bride... A dream wedding begins long before vows are exchanged, tables are set, and dance floors are crowded with family and friends. The real planning and preparation for our wedding began more than a year prior to the ceremony date, just after our engagement, and coinciding with the news that my husband would be leaving for months on a Marine Corps deployment. The orchestration of a perfect evening truly takes a village, and between countless meetings with family, our extraordinary wedding planner, Francine Ribeau, and late night phone calls between a bride and groom half a world apart, our vision began to take shape.

We agreed that our wedding should reflect our relaxed vibe and feature a classic, rustic aesthetic, and we needed a location that would make our guests feel at home. After a short time searching beach fronts, craftsman resorts, and hillside vineyards, we discovered a perfect location that would allow us full control over the décor and a true sense of “home”; my parents’ beautiful Rancho Santa Fe backyard! We, along with our massive wedding plans, were welcomed with open arms by my mom, whose attention to detail would prove priceless in our efforts to craft our perfect night.

It was very important for us to hold an inviting and warm wedding that would bring family and friends close together after our difficult and trying months apart. Ultimately, we chose to value contentment and ease over formality. To build on our welcoming atmosphere, we chose a soft color palette that featured mint, blush, gold, and champagne tones. Beautiful floral arrangements from Ashley Elizabeth Floral Designs mirrored our color scheme and softened staged vignettes with turn-of-the-century iron pieces and charming wooden signs directing guests between wedding events. The final product was coordinated flawlessly by Francine Ribeau and Danielle Ehrlich, and their vendor recommendations, specifically Vis Photography and Coast Catering, proved beyond any doubt that they were the best acts in town.

As our wedding guests poured into the back yard in the early evening, it was clear our team had hit the nail on the head with every design and detail throughout the space. Our families and our wildly different groups of friends all mingled and laughed over trademark cocktails and took turns making fools of themselves in our private photo booth, all while being entertained by the talented Michael Tiernan, a solo act acoustic guitarist (and DJ too!). Our short, but sweet ceremony featured hand-writtten vows, a few funny blunders, and a live acoustic set… all in keeping with our “comforts of home” theme. As the light began to fade, we shared our first dance to Adam Sandler’s classic (and hilarious) Wedding Singer theme. As the light faded, lanterns hung from branches and bulbs strung between trees above the yard lit the way for the remainder of the party, which bounced from dance floor to pool and back again. The last guests and the bride and groom begrudgingly left in the early morning hours, wanting to hold onto every possible second before admitting the night was over.

Family and friends have continued to share the joy and fun they enjoyed that night with us, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the first of our many days together as a married couple!