Rustic Neutral Colored California Wedding
March 3, 2015
United States
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I'm a firm believer of beauty in simplicity, and this wedding fits that bill to a perfect T. Designed around a spectrum of neutrals and white peonies tucked in every arrangement, Judy Sieber of Emily Joubert brought the al fresco celebration to life. The gallery is overflowing with pin-worthy moment, all photographed by Danielle Poff, and you can get started here.
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From the planner, Judy Sieber of Emily Joubert... Wendy and Mike had a clear idea of what they wanted their wedding to be. Simple and rustic yet elegant. She was obsessed with the details making it the wedding that she envisioned. The site was a historical family farm named The Champagne Paddocks in Woodside. It was a fitting sight as the surrounding areas were champagne colored. It was a late afternoon wedding with the golden color of the light on the straw fields. They were married under a large live oak, by a close friend. The string quartet were graduate students of the Perlman Foundation.

The caterer was Paula LeDuc with a beautiful menu with their favorite foods from restaurants when they were dating, and dinner was buffet style with one long farm table. Centerpieces were filled with white peonies - the last of the season, as was her bouquet! Guests danced until midnight under a full moon and café lights from Got Light. Music was provided by DJ Matteo and the décor around the stable was simple, understated and elegant. Antique kilims were on the floor surrounding a great fountain where the horses uses to drink.