Midwest Snowy Bridal Session
March 1, 2015
United States
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After countless dumps of snow in Boston this season, I was planted firmly in the "completely over winter" camp. That was, until, this photo session from Jake AndersonFlora & Ephemera and Emily Grace Designs hit my computer screen. With gorgeous styling and cool tones evoking wintertime beauty, it actually made long for a few more days of snowy bliss before spring. Browse the pretty here!
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From Jake Anderson...When I was a child, growing up in the Midwest, I remember walking the fields near our home during sunset, and being completely mesmerized by the tones, the colors, the emotions of the last warm light of day reflecting off the cold environment of a land covered in snow. Inspired by this, we desired to pull in a pastel palate, accented with complimenting warm, rich tones in order to display an event befitting the winter season.

An underlying narrative to this shoot is the simplicity in which the bride is surrounded. It is her, and her surroundings, paired with the essentials of a wedding: a stunning gown, a bold and unruly bouquet, and a table detailed with natural elements foraged from the surrounding environment. Elements which evoke an image of a bride whom is deeply connected to nature, and require participants to partake in her desire to adhere to simple, natural aesthetics.