Tuscany Meets South Africa Welcome Brunch Inspiration
February 27, 2015
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I love the unexpected—the mashups of pretty that I could never dream up. But Lisa Poggi & Gianluca Gasperoni, Carolina Casini of Tuscan Dream and Tommaso Torrini of La Rosa Canina Firenze? They are exceeding my wedding expectations today with this blend of Tuscan elegance and South African earthiness. We're starting with this cozy brunch and later, there's even more gorgeous to follow.
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From Lisa Poggi & Gianluca Gasperoni...When setting out to create an inspirational wedding shoot, one tends to push boundaries and create a look with people who you have most likely formed strong working relationships with over the years. Now take four Italians - three of who have never been to South Africa - and their vision of producing a beautiful shoot where European style straight out of Tuscany would meet their South African counterpart.

Carolina Casini of the internationally renown villa rentals & destination weddings managing agency TuscanDream turned to South Africa’s most exclusive and creative wedding management and design company Wedding Concepts, to act as collaborative creative consultants and to assist this dynamic Italian team in creating an original shoot to combine Italian charm & South African elegance in the Cape Winelands. The team consisted of internationally renowned wedding and lifestyle photographer Lisa Poggi and her partner, fashion photographer Gianluca Gasperoni, and of course incredible Tuscan floral extraordinaire, Tommaso Torrini of La Rosa Canina Firenze.

It was up to all these new personalities to pull off a shoot in only a few days, whilst ensuring that everyone was on the same page, creatively! One significant thought that was realized in this whole exercise is that creativity doesn’t have a distinctive language and the results are simply exquisite. Which goes to show, wherever you are in the world, it’s the joy of working with like-minded personalities that will honestly ensure a beautiful product that everyone can be proud of.

With the superb help and assistance from the team from Wedding Concepts, the Tuscan team was able to secure the support of some of the most renowned names in the South Africa luxury wedding industry! So to explain the look, we imagined two moments in our wedding story: an intimate welcome dinner and then of course the wedding day.

In the first story the materials, colors and shapes are the most typical of the colorful mix of cultures in South Africa. The atmosphere is light and the look is about simplicity and relaxation. On the day of the wedding however, to compliment the design of the wedding dress and the rich look of our bride and groom, the flowers and table settings frame and complement the idea of the contrast between classic elegance and simple organic features. The flowers and foliage collected in the field of our location were mixed with the rich raw materials of the stationery and elements around the venue. The result, a stark contrast that created a clear balance between classic elegance and raw simplicity.