Romantic Winter Wedding
February 26, 2015
New England
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As gorgeous as they are romantic, here at SMP we love winter weddings. Especially when said affair includes Casey Durgin and Blissful Beginnings behind the scenes. A snowy gem complete with New England elements makes the perfect inviting winter escape. A culmination of all things cozy and we're only getting started, see the gallery for much more!
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From the beautiful Bride... This romantic winter wedding following a snow storm features a design palette of white flowers, lace, burnished silver, mercury glass and lots of candles. The space was transformed into a warm & inviting winter escape.

My husband and I both grew up in New Hampshire, but we’ve made the North Shore of Massachusetts our home. We decided to get married in January at St. Mary’s in Danvers, MA, and celebrate our marriage nearby, at Ipswich Country Club. We chose to get married in the winter for a variety of reasons – from wanting our wedding to be just a bit “different,” to needing to getting married during a time period when I could take enough time off from work and school (Dan works in software sales, and I work in marketing and take MBA courses at night in Boston) for both a wedding and a honeymoon someplace warm.

When my husband and I started planning our wedding – we chose to prioritize several key components – a location that had charm and plenty of room for dancing, good people to work with, delicious food, and the opportunity to celebrate with our closest family and friends. In terms of our wedding design and decorations – I wanted our wedding to look classic with touches of vintage.

We knew we were taking a bit of a risk by having our wedding in January in New England --- and sure enough, we were hit with a snowstorm just two days before our wedding. When the snow started to come down the Thursday before our Saturday wedding, I literally had 10 minutes to pick up my dress (with the help of my amazing maid-of-honor and her husband, who came to the rescue in their large, four-wheel drive vehicle) before the shop closed for business due to snow. We were nervous about how the snowstorm would affect travel for our guests and parking at the church – but as luck would have it, the storm stopped before the wedding rehearsal and we had beautiful snow covering everything for the wedding day.

When we look back now at our wedding day – we are so happy with all the decisions that we made. We had an amazing day with our wonderful family and friends, and are so thankful for all of the people who helped and supported us along the way.