Romantic Outdoor Art Museum Wedding
February 23, 2015
RomanticSummer Weddings
Maybe it's the streamliner reception, the cafe lights adorning the scenery, or the fact that this Bride is one serious baker, but something is seriously special about this outdoor affair. Starting with the perfectly pink Petals, Ink. bouquets, to the couple's sweetly sentimental vows, every moment Luxe Photography snapped up is sweet and sentimental. See it all right here!
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From the beautiful Bride... I first met Will through work. We worked at a large company of over six hundred employees in Austin, Texas. Will and I worked on separate floors but we worked on similar projects so we spoke over the phone quite often. After a few months of subtle flirting, I found myself developing a small crush on Will without ever having seen his face. I had started making up reasons to call him just so I could hear his voice. I decided that this was unacceptable and that I had to see what he looked liked once and for all. Once I did, it was all over for me. I fell head over heels for his boyish grin and puppy dog eyes. My small crush had turned into a full blown one.

Having never pursued a man before, I took my mothers wise advise "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"! I started baking treats like cookies and brownies every Friday to take down to his floor with the excuse "I just think we all should get to know each other better!" I of course went around and talked to everyone and passed out cookies so that I wouldn't look too desperate, but I of course lingered a little longer at Will's desk to make sure he knew it was all for him. After a few weeks of this he was mine!

Fast forward three years and we were engaged! Within a week of getting engaged, I fell in love for a second time with Laguna Gloria and booked it on the spot! I move fast when I know what I want! Being at Laguna Gloria is like being in a secret garden in Italy. The gorgeous house built in the 1920's brings you back in time and the lake view makes one feel like you are in another country. It was the perfect outdoor setting that we were looking for and that I had always imagined.

Will and I got married under the Temple of Love surrounded by our closest friends and family on a warm June evening. The gazebo was tucked away on a lagoon with trees and water surrounding us. The beauty was further enhanced by the lush and vibrant pink bouquets adorning the gazebo. Our fairytale ceremony turned out to be exactly what we wanted. It was heartfelt, spiritual and intimate.

The reception was equally important to Will and I. Our main concern was for everyone to have fun and relax. We picked an amazing local band to get everyone up and dancing. I can still remember the moment the sun went down and the twinkle lights turned on, it felt like magic. After that, you couldn't pull us off the dance floor! We did take a short break to cut the bride and grooms cake! I had decided to make the groom's cake myself. After four years of baking, my simple cookies and brownies that I made for friends had evolved into more extravagant cakes that I charged for money. It only seemed fitting that I make his cake considering that's how I won his heart. It took a lot of preparation and time the week before the wedding but it turned out to be my best cake yet. I even went so far as to make edible sugar beer bottles! I was so happy that I was able to create something so memorable and so perfectly catered to Will for the wedding since it was his day too!

I'm amazed how smooth the day went and how everything just fell into place. We had the best night of our lives and wish we could do it again. I'm so thankful we have beautiful pictures and video to look back on and remember our magical day!