High Fashion Russian Wedding
February 18, 2015
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I love a bride who can set the style bar high, and believe it or not, this particular beauty based her entire wedding design off a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show. Bursting with avant garde details and one amaaazing custom gown, I guarantee this wedding photographed by Lena Kozhina will go down as a day to remember.
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From The Bride... Our story began four years ago. We lived in different cities, and didn’t know that our lives would change soon. One day Pavel saw Inna’s photo on the Internet and decided to find her by any means. He found her in St. Petersburg city, where, under the pretext of casting, he met her in a modeling agency.

More than six months passed before Paul decided to make the first step, and all this time I didn’t even know. Over time, he offered to move in Moscow. Moscow became the beginning of a new stage of our relationship, and after a year and a half we got married and had our son Dmitry Pavlovich. When Dmitry Pavlovich had reached the age of 3 months, we went to Petersburg. It was the usual weekend trip for getting away from it all and rest. But one of the evenings I had unexpected surprise - walking along the Griboedov Canal near the Church of the Spilled Blood, Pavel asked to stay for a moment and made me proposal to get married. It was so unexpected and beautiful. I felt delight, little short of shock!

Of course we spent unreal amount of time browsing more than one hundred magazines from all over the world. We listened to endless advice of friends; before we had primary vision of our wedding...it was very difficult to choose the right experts! One by one we set appointments with agencies/photographers/designers and each meeting made me feel stress and anxiety. At the same time I was watching the work of decorators, and found Julia Shakirova. The office of Julia met us with friendly atmosphere. I saw pretty girl with charming smile. Her name was Daria. I started talking and explained her that our wedding is not a standard one. Our wedding would be wedding ceremony and dinner, devoted to this event. I showed her one of the dresses that I liked, it was a dress with classic ivory color, with skirt like foam...I was absolutely in love with the dress from the spring fashion show Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda spring/summer 2014. The collection was luxurious and elegant.

The dress was so beautiful that I just couldn't think about any other dresses... I knew that the price of it was unrealistic to buy, and it made me sad...At some point my sadness had reached its climax, and I decided that it can be copied and decided to sew it. Julia immediately picked up the idea of spring fashion show Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda, it was obvious that her mind was already painting a picture as it could be. She began to tell about her ideas, how we can make it and how beautiful would it be. I thought we could talk about it endlessly, surely this paved the way for the beginning of our most incredible, the most unpredictable result and risky concept of our celebration.

The second great idea of Julia's was not just to decorate the room for bride preparation but to decor the bed’s frame with flowers and even to create something like boudoir. So our preparation was in full play...And I, in my turn, found a seamstress for my dress! I had to work hard in order to find the right shade of fabric. We visited several stores, and had to buy flowers from several stores in Moscow and even in China.

Finally, I found the work of Elena Kozhina. She made incredibly sweet photos, with lots of lovely details, the brides in her photos were like angels, and she was able to convey the feelings and the mood. I immediately agreed with her about the meeting and by the end of the meeting we had no doubt that Lena would be our photographer. We we're so happy to have her capture our day!