Valentine-Inspired Winter Romance
February 14, 2015
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I love this quote from Alphonse Karr that inspired this stunner of a shoot from Elizabeth Ngundue. “Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.”  It defines the birth of something beautiful, from something otherwise harsh and lacking vigor and life. And it's exactly what this slice of pretty stands for, from the dress from White Traditions Bridal House to the vibrant petals from Accents Floral Design.
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From Elizabeth Ngundue Photography...I am so thrilled to share this inspiration shoot with you! My inspiration came from a quote by Alphonse Karr: “Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” I was instantly drawn to the message portrayed in this beautiful quote, and I started planning this shoot, only to watch every idea fall perfectly into place. I decided that winter was the perfect time for this shoot; it’s dull, dry, and seemingly lifeless. Creating something incredibly stunning in the midst of something boring would portray this quote in exactly the way I intended. I wanted to incorporate a Valentine’s Day color palette to truly bring out the beauty of love. Roses were the perfect addition to the cascading florals, tying my concept all together swimmingly.

The details were truly a joy for me to work on for this shoot! I selected antique silver plate chargers and candle holders for the table setting. I incorporated blush into the linen napkins, and used ivory china lined in brushed metal and green to compliment the beautiful greenery in the florals. I chose deep red champagne flutes to pair with the antique pewter goblets on the table. I wanted an ombre cake with a naked middle tier to truly tie in my vision, and the gorgeous Valentine color palette. The florals brought everything to life, with stunning blush pinks, deep reds, and exquisite greenery. Everything was exactly as I had hoped it would be!

This Valentine Inspired Winter Romance Shoot was intended to make a statement. I love challenging brides and grooms to seek beauty in every aspect of life. Creating beauty that breaks the typical wedding stereotype is something that can make your wedding images look completely unique and your own. My wish for couples is to allow their minds to be inspired by who they truly are, and what they love. Don't feel pressured to get married in the fall if you love February! Every couple is unique in their own beautiful way. I challenge you, my friends, to see the silver lining in every situation; to be grateful that thorns have roses. Don’t be afraid to be different; because different is beautiful, too.