Vibrant Springtime Floral Inspiration
February 11, 2015
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In the midst of one of the snowiest winters on record here in New England, my heart is beginning to ache for Spring like you wouldn't believe. My tried and true way to satisfy my warm weather craving? Treating myself to some vibrant, nose-happy blooms. So, today's floral goodness, delivered in the form of the Team Flower workshop, hits. the. spot. Heather Payne's artful imagery says it all.
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Stay tuned for a bouquet recipe of this beauty from Stone House Creative this afternoon!

From Philosophy Flowers...Creative minds from all over the country, Canada and Germany came together to show all the interesting color palettes spring can bring at the Team Flower Workshop. Soft pinks burst into rich tones of rose and peach. Vibrant purple, warm gold, a touch of blue — there are no limits. Perhaps you've set your wedding date and are fretting over your color palette, thinking it needs to reflect what's typical for the season. Instead, embrace the colors that inspire you most! In springtime, it's all possible!