Cozy Welcome Bags to Treat Your Guests
February 5, 2015
There's nothing better than being greeted by a bag o' goodies once you arrive for a fun wedding weekend! And the perfect welcome bag can make your guests feel right at home with all of the day's essentials. Infuse a personal touch by adding treats that are locally sourced, special to you as a couple, or are unique finds for your guests! Watch below as Abby Larson shows you her favorite tips for building the coziest welcome bags- ever!


Cozy Welcome Bags



Rustic packaging
Local goodies like candy or snacks
Comforting drinks like coffee and tea



step-1Start by choosing a unique packaging to hold your welcome goodies. For a cozy bag, opt for something rustic like canvas or burlap. You can iron on details to personalize it, as well.

step-2To emphasize the cozy feel of the bag, include hot drinks like cocoa, coffee, or tea, along with small bites like candy and snacks that will make guests feel at home. As a tip, don't forget about morning munchies! Packages of granola and honey make for a great breakfast on the go.

step-4Your cozy welcome bag is ready for delivery! Your guests will love their warm welcome thanks to every thoughtful detail.