Vintage Inspired Backyard Wedding
February 4, 2015
New England
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There are about a million (and one) reasons why I'm loving this intimate affair from Shannon Grant… Maybe it's the pink Beach Plum Floral Design buds crafted by the Bride herself, or the seaside portraits, or how Linda Lee worked her magic and transformed a backyard into an intimate dance party. What's for certain is that every single image will make your heart swell with love, more here!
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From the beautiful Bride... Mike and I met years ago and remained friends over the years until we bumped into each other after both ending other relationships. It started from there! He proposed at Castle Island in South Boston on a rainy morning taking the dogs for a walk. It was rather funny because we were moving during this particular weekend and the day he proposed was the last day we had to move the remaining items out of our rental property and he insisted on going for a walk (in the rain!). Come to find out, it is where his parents got engaged and it was a very special spot for him.

Just before he proposed he said "let's have this lady take a photo of us" and handed this stranger his phone, when I turned out he was on his knee. Lucky us, the stranger photographed and video taped the entire proposal. As we drove home of course we were all smiles and unknown to me, he had arranged for our families to meet us after!

My vision for the wedding day was to have a relaxed, comfortable, and fun environment for our guests to enjoy. I wanted people to take their shoes off and have fun! We tried to incorporate our laid-back, fun personalities in the small details such as having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches served late night and s'mores over a campfire.

We made our table numbers from ocean rocks from my families beach house (Saquish), the sand in the mason jars was from a variety of our favorite places (Humarock beach, Saquish & the British Virgin Islands). All of the antique decor was right out of my grandmother's endless collection including her vintage lace doilies on the accent tables and our sweetheart table.

My mother who is a sentimental heart, without me knowing, wrote a note on the bottom of my boots. She also wrote Mike a note and pinned the note and a photograph of me as a child behind his tie. She also gave me my Equestrian show pin that I have had since I was a very little girl which we pinned onto my bouquet.

One funny thing... after our ceremony I jumped into our driver's car with some of my bridal party and rushed him to drive off. In the process of wanting to scoot out without bumping into guests, we left Mike behind! He luckily caught a ride to the formal photographs with a friend. Oops!

A piece of advice I'd give to brides planning their wedding day is: take a moment to sit back and soak it in. Our wedding was in my grandparents back-yard so at one point during the evening when the dancing began, I walked into the house and went upstairs to the room I had spent many nights sleeping in as a young girl and looked out the window at all of our family and friends. It was an emotional moment to watch everyone smiling and enjoying themselves. It was a moment of silence to take it all in. I will never forget that moment.

Owning my own floral design company, I have made hundreds of bridal bouquets. The night before my wedding (at 3:00 AM!) my business partner and some of my best friends were helping me with all the floral designs. When I realized I was actually making my very own bridal bouquet, we all started crying, uncontrollably. It was a special moment to make my very own bridal bouquet.

From Shannon Grant Photography...From the minute I met Jill over coffee to discuss her wedding, I was hooked. Her upbeat, sweet personality and the excitement she had for her upcoming wedding was infectious! Not only did I want to shoot this wedding, but I wanted to be her BFF. (Jill, call me! Haha)

After we did their wonderful Engagement Session, I got to meet Mike and just literally fell in love with them as a couple. Their connection is so carefree and strong, it's one of those love stories that inspires you just by being a witness to it.

The wedding day was just beautiful. Lots of heartfelt moments along with stunning floral design (obviously!). My favorite parts were crying along with the family as Jill walked up the aisle escorted by her two brothers, when Jill's cousin sang and played guitar to kick off the Reception, and they gave Jill's Grandfather a Birthday Cake to include him more in the festivities. A laid back group of people with hearts of gold. Loved this one!